shower screenl stainless steel shower room

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 Model number  CP-A011
 Body  Tempered glass
 Frame  304 stainless steel
 Handle  304 stainless steel
 Base  Artificial stone
 Open style  Sliding
 Packing  Carton
 Glass thickness  6mm/8mm/10mm
 Dimension (mm)  Per customized 
 Time of delivery  10 days


This shower enclosure is double door opening. It has two sliding doors, when you open them, it makes your bathroom more bigger, also has a large walk-in space, very convenient

Smooth Pulley.The pulley surface is very safe and stable, slippage and smooth, light and silent. It will not affect your families’ rest.Stainless steel frame adds both protection and decorates for the bathroom.

The transparent sector tempered shower screen with with big stainless steel handle is the ideal solution for the family shower, which saves the bathroom space and provide a more expansive feel.

This shower screen includes precision casting 304 stainless steel construction. All accessories is corrosion resistant. The glass is plated by invisible explosion-proof film.Highly pressurized tempered glass makes construction resilient.

Stainless steel adds both protection and decorates for the bathroom.

Single shower door pulleys fit glass shower doors where the distance from the center of the hole to edge of glass is about 18mm.It is easy to put on, can have the shower doors sliding smoothly like they were new again.
Includes tempered glass, double sliding wheels, 304 stainless steel frame and handle.Artificial black stone base and shower heads are exclude.

Wall profiles allow little adjustment per side for out-of-plumb. Anodized stainless steel wall profiles allow up to about 1/2 inch adjustment per side for out-of-plumb.Bottom guide rail can be trimmed up to about 4 inch adjustment. 

Seal strip is made of high quality PVC. The hard card slot makes the waterproof strip fit on the glass door. The water retaining edge is soft and does not affect the opening and closing of the door while retaining water.Its length is a uniform size and can be cut into shorter sizes. 

Professional installation recommended. All measurements should be taken only AFTER walls are finished. Right Wall Installation.

Firmly packed by PE bag and carton,avoid damages in delivery.

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