What’s The Point For Selecting Smart Toilet?

Now that the functions of smart toilets are becoming more and more complete, it is the first choice for many people when decorating.

In this regard, Ou Xiaowei can only say that if you start without looking at the shopping guide or doing your homework, you don’t have to pay some IQ tax~ How can we avoid spending a lot of money to buy a toilet and end up in a bad situation? Today’s article, you have to read it carefully.
Choose the toilet according to the pit distance to avoid installing an unsuitable
toilet. The pit distance refers to the distance from the center of the sewage pipe to the wall. One pit and one bit, the pit distance determines whether the toilet can be successfully installed. Therefore, before purchasing a toilet, you must first understand the original reserved pit distance in advance, otherwise you will find it does not fit when you buy it and install it, and it will be a lot of trouble to replace it back and forth.
The distance between the smart toilet pit and the conventional size is 305mm and 400mm. If the pit distance at home is between 295mm and 375mm, it is recommended to choose a toilet with a pit distance of 305mm, and if the pit distance at home is between 390mm and 400mm, it is recommended to choose a toilet with a pit distance of 400mm.

Generally, the pit distance of small-sized bathrooms is 305mm. Of course, there are some small-sized houses or old communities that have special pit distances (that is, unconventional 305mm/400mm).
2. Choose a high safety factor to fully guarantee the safety of toilets
. Smart toilets are products involving water and electricity, and the safety of the product is very important. Choose a product with a high safety factor to avoid toilet accidents! So how to choose a toilet with a high safety factor?
First look at the water resistance of the product. Electrical appliances with a low waterproof level are easily damaged by water. It is recommended to choose IPX4 waterproof or above.
Second, look at the voltage of the product. The domestic standard voltage is 220v.
The third is to see if there is a leakage protection device, such as a precision leakage protection plug, which can immediately cut off the power supply for a slight leakage to play a protective role. The high-precision temperature control system, multiple over-temperature protection, and comprehensive safety.
3. The material has antibacterial function. The toilet is cleaner and hygienic
. At present, everyone is no stranger to cross-infection. After all, the place where the smart toilet discharges sewage is more likely to breed bacteria than other spaces, so it is necessary to pay attention to its antibacterial ability when purchasing. , First look at whether the material of the seat ring and the spray gun contains antibacterial ingredients.
4. Choose one with a water tank to avoid water pressure
restrictions . Friends who live in peak floors or old residential areas must have a deep understanding. Every time there is a peak water consumption period, the flushing force of the toilet will not work, and the flushing water will often be unclean. . No matter how smart a smart toilet is, its core capability is its flushing ability. If the flushing effect is not good, it will really affect the user experience.
To judge whether the flushing force of the toilet is good or not, the first thing to look at is whether it has a water tank. The toilet with a water tank can use the water tank to store water. It is not limited by the water pressure when flushing, and it can be used normally during peak water consumption.
5. Buy a
smart toilet with self-cleaning spray gun and sterilizing nozzle. After cleaning, the spray gun will be contaminated with bacteria and stains, so you should buy a nozzle with self-cleaning and sterilizing functions. It can be cleaned automatically before and after each use, ensuring you during use It is clean and hygienic, and it can also increase the service life of the nozzle.

Post time: Feb-02-2023