How To Install The Bathroom Cabinet?

Now the family bathroom is inseparable from the bathroom cabinet, which can bring storage and aesthetics to the bathroom. And with the bathroom cabinet, the mess in the bathroom can be placed everywhere. Whether it’s a large or small bathroom, it’s less messy.
But many people choose and buy bathroom cabinets, but don’t know how to install them? Here are some ways to install different styles of bathroom cabinets.
The installation position
of the bathroom cabinet a. When laying the floor and wall tiles in the bathroom, the installation position of the bathroom cabinet must be clarified. It is indispensable to punch holes in the wall to install the bathroom cabinet, so once installed, the position cannot be easily moved, so after punching Be sure to carefully choose the installation location of the bathroom cabinet before opening the hole.
b. After the location of the bathroom cabinet is determined, the style and size of the bathroom cabinet should be selected according to the size of the installation site. When purchasing the bathroom cabinet, the length and width of the reserved bathroom cabinet should be measured first. According to this size Go buy it, it’s not easy to go wrong.
Bathroom cabinet installation process:
a. Before installation, you should check whether the accessories are complete.
b. When installing the triangular valve, make sure whether the hot and cold water pipes are kept flat.
c. The next step is to measure the distance and install the sewer pipe. Be sure to apply the glue evenly, so as to ensure that the connection between the tubes is tight.
d. After that, you can install the corners of the cabinet feet, check whether the corners are all on the same level, and make an appropriate adjustment after installation.
e. The bathroom cabinet should be placed against the wall to see if the position of the water inlet and outlet pipes is properly placed. If it is not suitable, it must be slightly changed.
f. It is best to purchase the faucet as a set with the bathroom cabinet, because the angle of the water outlet will be relatively suitable.
g. The faucet of the basin should be fixed with nuts, and the position of the faucet should be held with one hand when fixing. So as not to deviate from the position during the installation process.
h. After installing the faucet, place the basin on the top of the bathroom cabinet and adjust its position to the best. When the basin is connected to the water inlet and outlet pipes and the water pipes, the length should be appropriate and the position should be reasonable. Use silica gel to fix the basin and ceramic tiles to achieve the stability of the cabinet and prevent leakage.
i. After the cabinet is installed, the handle should be adjusted to an appropriate level.
j. Turn on the faucet and do a waterproof test to see if the angle of the faucet is right and whether the water flow is smooth. After installation and inspection, the cabinet body should be wiped clean for easy use.
Bathroom cabinet installation height
Generally speaking, the height of the bathroom cabinet should be installed according to the height of the occupants. The position from the ground to the upper edge of the basin is 80-85 cm. It is best; it can also be installed according to the usage habits of the occupants. The same is true for the installation.
The above is a detailed introduction to the installation process of the bathroom cabinet, hoping to help everyone.

Post time: Feb-15-2023