Q: Where is the shipping port?

A:Our shipping port usually are Foshan Port, Guanghzou Port and Shenzhen Port.

A: How long does a shower head last?

B: How clean the shower head is and what type of water is in the home are two factors that go into determining how long before a shower head should be replaced. A shower head should be cleaned once a week and will need to be replaced if there is any blockage, mold, or slime that doesn’t come off after cleaning. There are some recommendations to replace the shower head every year, while some say to replace after six months so that bacteria does not build up and cause the user harm.As meet above mention point, warranty of shower head with LED is TWO years, Warranty for shower head without LED is FIVE years.

Q: Is it possible for two functons operating at the same time?

A:  It depends on the model you purchase. Most models have a single diverter valve where you select one function at a time. However some models are plumbed with two diverters allowing you to operate two functions at the same time.

Q: My shower head is stray spray pattern.What should I do?

A: If you find an unusual spray pattern or a jet of water spraying at an unusual angle, such as 90 degree or spraying sideways, it is normally caused by a blocked or partially blocked spray hole.

Q: What should I pay attention to while I am installing a new shower head?

A:Yes, you can order any quantity and we can load the container as your instruction.

Q: What size of pipe do I need for the Shower head, ½’’ or ¾’’?

A: Chengpai shower head is set up for ½’’ supply lines. If you have ¾’’ supply lines you can reduce them at the stub out location to ½’’.

Q:Can we make consolidation container?

A:Yes, you can order any quantity and we can load the container as your instruction.

Q: How can I get Led Shower Head sample?

A: Please contact with us and inform of the item you need.

We will make a PI for your payment. After payment is received,  we  will be delivered it to you.

Q: What Is a Rain Shower Head?

A:  Rain shower head makes the water output resemble rainfall. All Chengpai shower models allow the user to adjust the water flow so that it’s the type of rain that is comfortable for them. These shower heads usually look like a disk with rubber holes in them.

Q: What is the rainfall spray pattern like?

A:  It is a very soothing effect, for a more concentrated spray most people switch to the shower, a nice option to have.

Q: Is it possible to have fixed overhead shower with a Chengpai bar mixer shower?

A: Yes, there is variety of Chengpai bar mixer showers available with fixed head accessories including the bar mixer.

Q: Do I need grab rail?

A: Local building code may require grab rail. This is an additional handrail mounted lower on the posts, intended to provide an easier grasp for those going up and down stairs. If your project includes stairs, it’s important to check if grab rail is required in your area.

Q: What do I need to check most when select and install a concealed mixer shower?

A: Check that the wall structure can accommodate the routing of water pipes and the building in depth of the selected mixer. Be sure that hot and cold supplies enter the correct inlets on the mixer before making good the wall. Ensure when plastering and tiling around the mixer shower that filters and check valves are accessible for future maintenance

Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?

A: We are a manufacturer. Our factory is located Foshan city, near Guangzhou city and Shenzhen city. You are welcome to visit us.

Q: What is the led shower head payment term?

A: 30%TT deposit in advance before production, 70% paid before delivery.

Q:Can you produce our design products?

A:Sure,your design is available for developing if receiving samples and


Q:How about your delivery time?

A: It will take 10 to 15 days after receiving advance deposit. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.

Q: Before I construct my stair rail, I want to know which kind of railing is better, stainless steel railing or aluminum railing? 

A:Stainless steel is the material of choice for railing because it exhibits superior strength and toughness compared to aluminum.  Aesthetically speaking, steel offers clear advantages. Due to its softness, aluminum is prone to surface scratches and dents, making it difficult to clean and maintain.

Q: I found sometimes water sprays out from the threads of the pipe behind the shower head. What happen?

A:The problem is that the seal isn’t tight enough.Unscrew your shower head from the connecting pipe and reapply plumber’s tape, also known as teflon tape, to the pipe. Simply use a wrench to tighten your shower head back onto the pipe afterwards.