Some Suggestions For Bathroom Renovation?

The topic of bathroom decoration is always emerging. As an indispensable part of the home, the bathroom carries the daily needs of the whole family for washing, toileting, and showering. Its importance is self-evident. So what should a good bathroom decoration look like? Xiaoxi summed up the following three decoration suggestions, please put them away!
Reasonable separation of dry and wet partitions
When decorating, there must be a partition awareness of planning shower area-toilet area-washing area. The shower area, the toilet, and the wash area are separated by glass to achieve the effect of separating the dry area from the wet area. In this way, when we take a bath, the water vapor will be concentrated in the shower area, and other areas can be kept dry, avoiding accidents caused by wet ground, and can effectively prolong the service life of household items.
In addition to the simple idea of ​​separating the dry area and the wet area, you can also consider taking out the washing area separately and placing the sink outside the bathroom, so that when multiple people in a large family use it, they can not disturb each other, saving time and enhancing space. Use efficiency.

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2. Pay attention to the layout of waterways and circuits
. The water supply and drainage in bathrooms are related to the details of future life. The core principle of waterway layout is to plan in advance and reserve reasonably. Areas that need water, such as sinks, shower rooms, washing machines, and toilets, need to be divided in advance. If you plan to install a zero-cold water heater, it is recommended to add a return pipe when arranging the hot and cold pipes, so that the effect is better.
In terms of circuit layout, since the bathroom is a relatively humid area, the circuits that need to be reserved are different according to the area of ​​different bathrooms. The circuits in the bathroom include: lighting, Yuba, smart toilets, hair dryers, electric water heaters, etc. According to different furniture products, design and plan the circuit locations in advance.
If you choose a smart toilet, it is recommended to design the separation of water and electricity, that is, to set the water supply pipe and the socket on the left and right sides of the toilet respectively. The height of the hair dryer socket should be about 1.4 meters, so that the socket is 60-70cm above the wash basin, and it is not easy to get water. Also note that all sockets in the bathroom should be equipped with waterproof bottom boxes and covers.
3. Do a good job of safety and aging details
Because the bathroom is in a humid state all year round, it is easy for people to slip and fall if they are not careful, especially for the elderly, who will fall and get injured if they are not careful. Therefore, when decorating, it is best to choose non-slip bricks and floor tiles with concave and convex textures. The surface of the tiles has a certain roughness, which can increase the friction between the tile surface and the soles of the feet, and play a non-slip role.
If there are elderly people with inconvenient legs and feet at home, you can install a wall-mounted shower room stool, which can not only save energy while sitting and taking a bath, but also bring a more comfortable bathing experience. At the same time, considering the inconvenience of getting up, squatting and walking, it is recommended to install additional handrails suitable for the elderly on both sides of the toilet and in the shower area. The height of the handrails is generally installed at a height of about 80 to 85 cm from the ground for the elderly to hold and reduce falls. risks of.
The quality of bathroom decoration is closely related to life, and we need to pay more attention to the decoration. However, the essence of decoration design should start from the real needs of each of us, and the one that suits us is the best.

Post time: Feb-07-2023