floor drain of 304 stainless steel

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 Model number  CP-FB01
 Body Material  304 stainless steel
 Finish  Brushed
 Packing  Foam bag and carton

This square floor drain is made of sturdy stainless steel, ensuring strength and longevity, durable and non-corrosive.With insect-proof and water discharge functions, it guarantees premium quality and long performance life. Strainer design prevents wastes from into pipe and block the pipe,providing a full protection with fresh indoor environment.

Great stripe hole and round hole for easy drain, large outfall, ensure drainage speed. anti-overflow design. Effectively prevent the clogging of water, flowers, leaves and rats. Effectively prevents unpleasant smell, annoying insects and mice from entering the house.

The thickness of the pure steel panel is up to 2mm, making it easy to face all kinds of external forces in life. It’s more durable than floor drain of other materials.

Removable built-in strainer design,which is easy for you to clean and maintain,The bathroom floor tile design with dual strainer,its removable hair strainer can easily collect shedding hairs when wash your head, avoiding the blocking of drain.

Fast water drain rate to keep the room dry.

Good sealing performance,effectively prevents unpleasant smell, annoying insects,and small rodents and mice from entering the house.

There are many types of size available, you can choose what you need.Please contact with us for more information.Our products were tested for thousands times to ensure the quality.

Grate with no screws.,easy lifting provided for easy removal during cleaning and maintenance.Frame prevents damage to the grout when the grate is removed.

Square weep holes grid design is modern and fits beautifully with almost all tile patterns. Universal design drain protector,suitable for outdoor drain pipe, exhaust pipe, roof, balcony and other ground. Extensively used in the bathroom, kitchen, toilet, garage and basement.

Easy to install and fix, by adjust the inclination of the clamp.

Packing: PE bag and carton, avoid damage in delivery.

If you have any questions about the item or your order, please feel free to contact us.

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