Squatting pan ceramic toilet one piece

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 Model number  CP-M402
 Material  Ceramic
 Installation  Floor mounted
 Packing  Carton
 Time of delivery  10 days
 Dimension (mm)
 Length  530
 Width   460
 Height  230

This One piece ceramic squatting pan is designed for installation within the floor, providing a level surface. Also water saving,eco-friendly.

Solid and delicate ceramic construction provides durability and reliability,premium glossy or matte finished with non-porous surface provides resistance against bacterial growth and stains, easy to clean and maintenance. With firing process create this pan of a drastic effect on their durability, making it highly resistant to fading and low discoloration. 

There are several types of squat toilets, they all consist essentially at floor level. It can be used a water seal and be a flush toilet. Squat toilets are used all over the world,Some studies claim that squat toilets are healthier than sitting toilets due to more natural position of the body and they can potentially reduce the risk of rectal diseases such as hemorrhoids and constipation.

This squatting pan has low moisture absorption which means cleansing job is a breeze. For routine clean-up, use liquid cleaner and a sponge to wipe it down in a circular motion and rinse immediately with water, following a cloth to dry. Thus, you can preserve the quality of this rectangle sink.

Contemporary and modern design one piece design, streamlined, beautiful and exquisite, suitable for any bathroom and toilet.

Used high quality ceramic material and fired by 1280 high vitrified degree. Its face is smooth glaze, durable, easy clean and has a long service life.This pan features beautiful shape and modern simplicity vitrification. Smooth and delicate, bring your bathroom a simplistic yet elegant style. Ideal for both bathroom.

This product is supplied as squatting pan only, with a choice of either “P” or “S” trap.Please contact us for more information.
Floor mounted installation.

It is good packaging which are well packed in cartons.

Warm notice: Please keep the standing surface of the squatting pan be kept clean and dry.

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