Maintenance Method of Faucet Leakage

After a long time of use, the faucet will have a variety of fault problems, and water leakage is one of them. Energy saving and environmental protection is now advocated, so when the faucet leaks, it needs to be repaired in time or replaced with a new faucet.Faucet leakage is a common phenomenon. Some small problems can be repaired by yourself. If you call a professional, sometimes you can’t deal with them in time. What are the common causes of faucet leakage? What maintenance method does faucet leak fault have?

Generally, the faucet is of hot and cold water structure, so there are two water inlets. On the surface of the faucet, there are blue and red signs. The blue sign represents the cold water outlet, and the red one represents the hot water outlet. The water flows out of different temperatures by turning in different directions. This is the same working principle as the shower suit in the bathroom, The important structure of the faucet also has its handle, which can be used to operate the faucet to rotate freely. The top cover is used to fix the structure of the faucet. The threaded modeling middleware is covered with a leather ring inside, and the bottom is two water inlets to ensure the use of the faucet.

1. The tap is not closed tightlyIf the tap is not closed tightly, it may be because the gasket inside the tap is damaged. There are plastic gaskets in the faucet, and the quality of gaskets in different brands is also very different, but in this case, just replace the gaskets!


2. Water seepage around faucet valve core

If there is water seepage around the valve core of the faucet, it may be caused by excessive force when screwing the faucet at ordinary times, resulting in looseness or separation from the installed medium. Just remove and re install the faucet and tighten it. If there is too much water seepage, it should be sealed with glass glue.

3. The bolt gap of the tap is leaking

If the faucet has water seepage and dripping problems, it may be that the gasket has problems. At this time, just remove the faucet to see if the gasket falls off or is broken, as long as it is repaired and replaced in time!

4. Water seepage at pipe joint

If there is water seepage at the joint of the pipe, it is basically that the faucet nut is loose or rusted due to long service time. Buy a new one or put an extra gasket to prevent water seepage.

There are two points to pay attention to when the faucet is leaking. First, when the faucet is leaking, the main gate must be closed to avoid “flood” at home. Second, the maintenance tools should be prepared, and the removed parts should be placed in an orderly way, so as not to be unable to be installed.

In daily life, we should use the faucet reasonably. We can’t tighten the faucet every time. We should develop a good use habit and keep it in a natural state. Only in this way can we effectively prevent the faucet from leaking.

Post time: May-12-2021