How to Select Bathroom Mirrors?

Bath mirror is an indispensable part of bathroom space. A clear and bright bath mirror can bring people a good mood when dressing up after bathing. The appearance of bath mirrors is varied. Compared with ordinary mirrors, bath mirrors need “three defenses”: waterproof, rust-proof, and anti-fog. The mirror surface is clear, the image is real, the balance and the flatness are accurate, the appearance is fashionable, and it is flexible and multi-purpose.

Bath mirror style

fairy tale style bath mirror
bathroom with fairy tale color is usually loved by romantic people, and it is also the exclusive bathroom space for children.
The latest trend of modern bathroom mirrors
is to use fine mosaics around the mirror to form a mirror frame, and then match with small ceramic ornaments and plant flower arrangements, which bring a kind of intimate feeling to people and become the visual focus in the bathroom.

Industrial style bathroom mirrors
Industrial style bathrooms usually have a more industrial flavor. To complement each other, bath mirrors usually add some life to a cold bathroom with their soft lines, so they are usually paired with oval, larger mirrors.
The various functions and styles of the bath mirror activate the rigid space
. The various and flexible shapes are an important trick for the bath mirror to attract people’s attention. It reflects its decorative style through different frame shapes and plays a finishing touch.
Generally speaking, the size of the bath mirror should be proportional to the height of the owner, and the image should be full, which can make the owner look taller when looking in the mirror, which can enhance self-confidence.
The style of the bathroom mirror and the bathroom cabinet is unified, which is conducive to creating a tidy bathroom. In general, mirrors and bathroom cabinets should be the same size. The installation height of the bath mirror should also be set according to the bathroom space and the owner’s height, usage habits, etc. The bigger the better.
A variety of materials to create individual bathroom
bathroom mirrors made of resin materials, solid wood and rattan and even rock and soil mirrors have appeared one after another, and are widely favored.
One of the most unique is the oval-shaped bath mirror flower frame fired in the earth. In European-style bathrooms, tiles are often used to form a mirror frame, but the gaps between tile collages are more obvious.
The stone-fired bath mirror frame can make up for this shortcoming. The mirror frame is fired as a whole, without cracks and fine lines, and the color gradient is natural and soft. Its unique bud shape adds to the splendor of the decoration and creates conditions for enhancing the charm of the bathroom.
Bath mirror cleaning
can be wiped with a soft cloth, dipped in some kerosene or wax.
Wipe the mirror and frame with a rag dipped in milk to make it clear and bright.
The mirror surface should be wiped with a soft dry cloth or cotton to prevent the mirror surface from being scratched.
Wipe with oil-absorbing tissue, works well. Another is to use newspaper to wipe, the mirror will not leave hair, and the mirror will be very bright.

Post time: Oct-28-2022