How To Select A Good Quality Shower Head?

The water effect of the shower: This is the most important point, and it is a direct reflection of the technical ability of the shower manufacturer. Because even with well-known brands, considering the factors of cost, multi-functional integration or appearance, not all shower heads can have a good water discharge experience, which is the case with all brands.

A shower with good water output, especially a multi-functional shower, has a certain technical content in the design of the runner or the arrangement of the water outlet, and it is not as simple as it looks on the surface. The shower with reasonable internal structure design, under the same water pressure, the impact of the water is stronger, and there is no thorny feeling, there is no scattering on the water surface, the water is even and full, and the shower is gentle without losing strength, making the bath more comfortable and relaxing.
In addition, the shower with suction function, the water is rich in air bubbles, the water is more supple and comfortable, and it also has a supercharging effect, and the shower feeling will be better. However, not all products with standard air suction showers will have a good suction effect, and some even have no effect. This has a lot to do with the technical strength of the shower manufacturer, so you can test the water when purchasing. is the best way to buy.
High-quality surface electroplating process:
high-quality showers are plated with semi-gloss nickel, bright nickel and chrome layers on the refined copper body. In some cases of copper products, there is a copper plating process before the first layer, which can improve the surface flatness of the product and enhance the adhesion of electroplating, thereby improving the yield of electroplating.
In the three-layer coating, the nickel layer plays a role in anti-corrosion. Since the nickel itself is soft and dark in color, a layer of chromium will be plated on the nickel layer to harden the surface and improve the brightness. Among them, nickel plays a major role in corrosion resistance, and chromium is mainly used for aesthetics, but it has little effect. So in production, the thickness of nickel is the most important. For a normal shower, the thickness of nickel is more than 8um, and the thickness of chromium is generally 0.2~0.3um. Of course, the material and casting process of the shower itself are the foundation. The material and casting process are not good, and how many layers of nickel and chrome are plated are useless. The electroplating performance required by the national standard is salt spray ASS 24 hours level 9, which is the dividing line between high-quality showerheads and low-end products.
The electroplating thickness of faucets produced by some manufacturers with small scale, poor equipment, weak technical strength or pursuit of low cost is only 3-4um. This kind of coating is too thin, and it is very prone to surface oxidation and corrosion, green mold, etc. The coating is blistered and the entire coating is peeled off. The electroplating of this type of shower cannot pass the salt spray test, and there is no test control link at all.
In addition, some foreign markets use the CASS test as the standard, such as Japan and the United States. Compared with high-end brands such as TOTO, some products will require CASS24H.
Simple method to identify the advantages and disadvantages of electroplating performance:
Look: carefully observe the surface of the product, the shower plating surface is even, smooth, bright, and there is no obvious defect.
Touch: touch the product with your hand, it is better that there are no unevenness or scratches on the surface of the shower; it is better to press the surface of the shower with your hand, and the fingerprints will soon dissipate.

Post time: Oct-26-2022