How To Choose Your showers?


It is difficult to choose a shower. Some people pursue rain type large size shower. Some people insist on the retro style of gold or bronze. Others think that the function of this thing is more important. It’s not all water. Why do you have to have such a large nozzle? Just a hand-held shower. Here are three types of shower.


1. Wall shower

Put all unnecessary things out of the plane, leaving only simple functional modules without visual obstacles. This is the concealed wall shower.

The whole system consists of faucet control module and water outlet top spraying module. The water pipe buried in the wall replaces the traditional surface mounted top spraying support and hose. The design that there is no hand-held shower further simplifies the shower system, and the appropriate top spray size not only achieves the purpose of water saving, but also meets the water volume requirements of the shower. In modern home decoration design, “Tibet” is a typical design means. By hiding functional parts, it highlights the overall sense of beauty and space. It is one of the best ways to expand small space.

The wall shower looks good, but there are two problems that need special explanation: the first is to bury the pipe into the wall in advance, which should be communicated with the decoration plumber. The second is that generally, the price of the wall shower faucet is relatively more expensive.

2. Large size ceiling shower

How long have you not experienced the feeling of being wet in the rain? The design concept of this shower system lies in the understanding of nature. The top spray size of almost more than 800mm ensures that the whole body can be bathed in the water flow. Under the condition of limited water output, the arrangement design of multi-layer surrounding water outlet nozzles is the basic guarantee of such a large top spray size. At the same time, it forms two layers to experience completely different water flow impact and first-class comfort.

3. Japanese shower

Japanese shower is not only a special case in shower industry, but also a clear flow in design industry. Compared with Europe and the United States, the characteristics of Japanese products are very obvious, “people-oriented” throughout the whole product development process. In Japan, the commonness of people is very strong, and the commonness of products is more obvious. Most Japanese family bathroom styles are basically similar. Their shower products are completely different from the world trend. From the perspective of usage habits, the shower exists only to wash away sweat stains on the body and facilitate bathing. Therefore, the top spray design has been cancelled. Usually, the size of the handheld nozzle is very small, most of which are only about 100mm. Nevertheless, the function is not weak at all. The water stop function of the button on the nozzle The air injection function is very common, and the thermostatic faucet is basically a standard configuration.

Japanese style sprinkler design is also different from other products in the world. Usually, a handle is usually made on the water adjusting knob. When you fill the foam to turn off the water, such humanized design will play a key role and will not slide at all. The super long water outlet can be completely folded when not in use without supporting the body. When it is pulled out, it can add water to the bathtub. At the same time, it becomes very convenient to wash feet or clean the bathroom.

Post time: Nov-15-2021