Ceramic toilet closet siphonic one-piece

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 Model number  CP-M881
 Material  Ceramic
 Structure  One-piece 
 Feature   Single-flush
 Installation  Floor mounted
 Drain  S-trap
 Pit distance  300mm/400mm
 Packing  Carton
 Time of delivery  10 days
 Dimension (mm)  
 Wide  370
 Depth  610
 Height  710



This One-piece white Chrome plated top mounted push button glazed ceramic toilet is elegant, comfortable and frugal with its water usage. Comfort height elongated toilet bowl with a seat height comparable to that of a standard chair.Comfort height make sitting down and standing up easier for people of all ages.

Power Wash rim scrubs bowl with each flush. The flush valve packs a powerful punch to eliminate clogs without wasting water.Its design allows water to flow into the bowl from all sides, increasing the power and effectiveness of the flush.We push flushing power, bowl cleanliness and toilet design to the leading edge. 

It’s made from vitreous china for extra durability and finished in a high-gloss white .The low consumption  vitreous china construction, siphon action bowl with direct fed jet and flapper flush valve will perform well for years.

This heavy duty macerating toilet system that is used to install a complete bathroom. 

A round toilet bowl, water tank, silent Toilet seat cover and extension pipe between toilet bowl and pump. Seat owns two-button quick loading and unloading design. You can quickly install and remove it in just a few minutes. This also brings great convenience for you to thoroughly clean the toilet lid. Owning it makes your bathroom cleaner and tidy

There is a 360-degree adjustable hinge of elongated toilet seat.You can adjust the toilet lid accessories to achieve the perfect position for your toilet. Toilet seat is made of earth-friendly plastic.This material has a white luster, strong load-bearing capacity. It is also very easy to clean and not easily turn yellow.It is compression molded provides a look and feel that cannot be achieved with other seat materials.

Soft closing seat cover make sure a silent closure every time finish using.This toilets meet strict flushing guidelines,water saving.

Durable canister design has less exposed seal material.Eliminates the most common problems in toilets that cause leaks as this flush valve replaces a worn-out toilet flapper, chain and handle which can often break.

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