What Do You Know About Bathroom Cabinet Panel?

Aluminum alloy is a general term, which can be subdivided into aluminum foam board, mosaic aluminum profile, whole plate aluminum profile and honeycomb

“Home aluminum”.

Aluminum alloy foam board aluminum alloy plate is the first material. The upper and lower layers are aluminum alloy plates. The middle is PVC foam board. It can be understood that the middle clip is plastic hard foam, and the thickness of the upper and lower aluminum alloy plates is about 0.3MM. This material is equivalent to the transitional product of PVC and aluminum alloy. In fact, this product is still not resistant to moisture. For a long time, the plastic hard foam will become black and moldy, which will also lose the original intention of buying the aluminum bathroom cabinet.

The second one is “aluminum profile”

As the name suggests, the raw material aluminum profile is one by one, through each splicing into a bathroom cabinet, or a piece of furniture. At present, more than 95% of Taobao’s space aluminum bathroom cabinets are made of this material. As can be seen from the figure below, the door panel is made of aluminum profiles. The advantage of tiled aluminum profile is that it’s all aluminum in the true sense, which can be moisture-proof, waterproof, non corrosive and non moldy. The disadvantage is that as mentioned above, most of them are for the sake of price, while most consumers are trying to be cheap. Under the vicious circle, the raw materials are getting thinner and thinner, which leads to lower and lower quality, and spoils the reputation of all aluminum bathroom cabinet which should be very durable. Another disadvantage is that it is made of aluminum profiles, so it is limited in size and style. For example, if the width of each aluminum profile is 8cm, the total width of 6 aluminum profiles is 8 * 6 = 48CM. Unless combined with other aluminum profiles, the width can not be divided by 8. This is also the core reason why most space aluminum bathroom cabinets have the same style.

Let’s talk about “whole panel aluminum profile”. This is an upgrade of “panel aluminum profile”. You can visit all the aluminum profile factories in Foshan, all of which are used for whole house customization. The whole plate of aluminum profile is welded by laser without mark. The whole aluminum profile makes up for the shortcomings of the tailor-made aluminum profile. Why is it not popularized in the bathroom cabinet? One of the reasons is related to the cutting cost, because the raw materials required for a bathroom cabinet are limited. As a manufacturer, it is not necessary to make a lot of efforts to laser weld the assembled aluminum profile into a whole plate, and cut the whole plate into small pieces when making a bathroom cabinet. This is the reason why the whole board technology is used in the whole house customization. To put it bluntly, unless there are enough raw materials, the factory and dealers will disdain to make only one bathroom cabinet. Another disadvantage of the whole plate aluminum profile is that it is all 0.8 mm, 0.9 mm and 1.0 mm thick on the market, and there is no thicker one, so it is more convenient to use it.


The bathroom cabinet made of thicker aluminum profile is still unsatisfactory in strength.

Finally, the honeycomb aluminum plate is a raw material that combines the advantages of the first three. The whole plate is all aluminum, filled with honeycomb aluminum foil, which greatly increases the hardness of the material and makes it more impact resistant. Because its raw material is the whole board, it can be cut at will, almost the same as the method of making furniture with wood. It completely solves the shortcomings of waterproof and moisture-proof, high impact resistance and high hardness, and the style and size can be customized at will. Because this kind of material is new, its value is higher than that of aluminum profile. On the other hand, when using this kind of material to make bathroom cabinet or furniture, you also need to buy large-scale edge banding machine, punching machine, cutting bed, etc., so the threshold is relatively high. Small factories generally can’t do it, so it’s rare in the market. Of course, the price of finished products is basically the same as that of solid wood. And the texture is also comparable with the solid wood material, there is no sense of cheap.

Post time: Mar-15-2023