Some Good Suggestion For Selecting Shower Enclosure

When it comes to the shower room, what everyone thinks of is nothing more than the one-shaped, arc-shaped, diamond-shaped shower room composed of glass doors and walls. In fact, the shower room hides many imperceptible details, and today I will tell you about the doorway.

Clever layout, sliding doors and sliding doors have their own
unique functions According to the width of the bathroom, the designer placed the toilet area and shower room in adjacent positions, not only can share a glass partition, but also share the same sliding door. Left or right, you can freely enter and exit, and can meet their respective functional requirements.
The shower room and the toilet area are still adjacent, but the designer uses the principle of 90-degree door opening and closing to satisfy the two modes of separately closing the shower room and separating the dry and wet areas.
The sunken design
gets rid of the sunken shower area of conventional water retaining strips
, and is lower than other planes with a “concave” shape, allowing the flowing water to naturally concentrate here and drain away.
Still using the sunken design concept, the shower area is lower than the surrounding terrain, and the water flows naturally to the lower place.
Eight details Good quality depends on

glass thickness:
the common glass thickness on the market is generally 10/8mm to choose from.
Glass type: A
good shower room generally adopts automotive grade glass, which is superior in toughness, and the surface looks very transparent without particles and pinholes.
Explosion-proof film:
Tempered glass has a self-explosion rate of three per thousand. When the glass in the shower room is broken, it can stick the glass fragments together without splashing and avoid secondary damage.
Insurance certification:
The PICC logo is pasted on the glass of the shower room, indicating that PICC has covered the insurance of your glass room. After the glass room is broken or other types of failures cause your personal or property losses, you can report to PICC and file a claim. claim.
Nano self-cleaning technology:
After the glass is treated, it has anti-fouling and anti-fog properties. When shampoo and body wash adhere to it, it will slide off like water droplets, and it will not have a layer of gray dirt after long-term use like ordinary glass.
In order to solve the embarrassment of running water flowing along the door to the ground outside the shower room when the door is opened, the brand owner designed a water diversion groove at the bottom of the door, and the water flows into the water diversion groove along the trend and drains into the shower room.
Anti- collision design:
When the glass sliding door is moving, it is easy to collide with the stainless steel frame. The installation of anti-collision blocks can effectively alleviate the impact force when closing the door.
Profiles and hardware:
Profiles and hardware are generally made of 304 stainless steel, combined with multi-layer electroplating process, to provide different colors and textures.
If you choose a narrow frame design, it is generally more beautiful to place the sliding door track at the bottom of the shower room.
If there is a need for barrier-free access, you can choose the sliding door with hanging rails to ensure that the ground is flush.
Reflective mirror frames and handles are prone to water stains and are relatively difficult to take care of.
What are the precautions
for shower room decoration? For the decoration of the shower room, special attention should be paid to its size. The shower room should be selected according to the space of the bathroom, because the shower room is too high or too low to give people an uncomfortable feeling. I feel that the height of the general shower room is 2.1 meters, which is more appropriate. When installing, you need to add 10cm. Remember to pay attention to the height of the bathroom.
For the decoration of the shower room, the arrangement of the heating equipment must be far away from the shower room. This is to avoid moisture in the heating equipment, and also to avoid the excessive temperature of the heating equipment, which will cause damage to the glass of the shower room.
For the decoration of the shower room, it should also be anti-leakage. After the shower room is arranged, the water in it is relatively concentrated, so it must have anti-leakage function, which will bring various impacts to our life.

Post time: Mar-02-2023