Smart Bathroom Mirror

Now the bathroom mirror also keeps up with the trend of the times, intelligent bathroom mirror is more and more popular in the bathroom.

A. What are the functions of intelligent bathroom mirror

1. Anti fog function: the intelligent bathroom mirror can solve the problem of fog surface formed when the mirror meets with steam.

Because we take a bath to make the hot water vapor meet the low temperature of the mirror, when it is cold and exothermic, it is easy to form a fog surface. So the smart bathroom mirror is anti fog mirror. There are mainly two kinds of antifogging mirrors on the market: coated antifogging mirror and electric antifogging mirror.

The coating antifogging mirror prevents the formation of fog surface through coating micropores; The electric antifogging mirror can increase the humidity of the mirror by heating, which makes the fog evaporate quickly and it is difficult to form the fog surface.

2. Waterproof function: smart bathroom mirror needs to be connected to the power supply, some people will worry about the safety of electricity. The battery or circuit of the intelligent bathroom mirror is hidden in the waterproof box behind the mirror, which is relatively safe.

3. Antirust function: the intelligent bathroom mirror has a certain antirust function, it will not rust because it is not clean for a long time, and the mirror has a long service life.

4. Stepless dimming and color matching function: the intelligent bathroom mirror has stepless dimming function, which can adjust the brightness of the mirror according to the percentage. Generally white light, natural light, and warm light can be adjusted. It’s very suitable for little sister to make up.

5. Video function: most of the smart mirrors can play music through Bluetooth or WiFi. You can listen to music while taking a bath and answer the phone. A small part can also play videos and view news, which is very intelligent and convenient.

6. Time and temperature function: intelligent mirror has time and temperature display, which can be seen when brushing teeth and washing face.

Usually make-up when you can be a good grasp of the time, do not worry about forgetting the time and late. The temperature function is also very practical. Today’s wear depends on the temperature.

B. How to choose intelligent bathroom mirror

1. Look at the material: there are mainly two kinds of mirror materials on the market, silver mirror and aluminum mirror.

Then silver mirror and aluminum mirror are similar, but in terms of mirror effect, silver mirror is better and the price is higher.


The mirror surface of the silver mirror is clearer and the reflectivity is higher. The moisture-proof effect is also better, and the mirror is not easy to deform.

2. Look at the frame: bathroom mirror with frame, there is no frame. The bathroom mirror with frame has a more decorative sense. It can choose the frame color that echoes with the washbasin or the wall. It can establish a visual design connection and make the bathroom more aesthetic.

Border color generally has black, champagne gold, light luxury gold, silver and white, choice or more, you can choose according to your own decoration style.

3. Look at the lighting position: the intelligent bathroom mirror basically depends on the LED light, and the lighting position of the LED light generally has three kinds of internal lighting, side lighting and external lighting. The light inside is more concentrated, so the effect of make-up will be better.

4. Intelligent sensing: some bathroom mirrors on the market have built-in sensors, which can intelligently sense the position of the human body. When people come, the light will be on and when people walk, the light will be off, which is very convenient and intelligent.

Post time: Mar-08-2023