What Are The Practical Functions Of The Intelligent Toilet?

Many candidates only focus on intelligent functions when they use the intelligent toilet, ignoring the most basic functions, and conclude that these functions must be necessary:

Toilet flushing water tank.

Now many intelligent closets have hidden toilet water tanks, but not all closets are like this. Some closets seem to have no toilet water tanks, but actually they do not! If the water pressure at home is low, it is easy to wash it! It’s really hard to say when you open the toilet lid and see the residue… So before you buy, you should ask whether you have a toilet water tank with you. Generally, if you have no water pressure limit on the page, you have a toilet water tank. PS: The flushing water circuit and cleaning water circuit of the general intelligent toilet are separated, and the flushing water tank will not be connected to the cleaning water circuit, nor will it affect the sanitation of the cleaning water. If you bring a water tank, you should also check the capacity of the water tank. The capacity should be at least 4.5 liters. Otherwise, the water volume is too small to flush the toilet!


Manual key flushing+kick flushing

The manual key flushing is usually set on the side knob or the toilet lid. When the power is off, the manual flushing is not enough. I always feel that the remote control flushing and the off seat flushing are not enough, but the intelligent+manual dual protection is more reassuring.

Kick flushing can be said to be a must-have for men. Generally, the automatic flushing of intelligent closest is triggered only after the seat is seated. This makes it very convenient for men to urinate. Some closets have external flushing buttons, but I think it is still convenient to kick flushing.

The antibacterial function should be improved

Antibacterial seat ring, antibacterial nozzle and self-cleaning spray bar are necessary materials/functions for antibacterial. UV sterilization and foam shield are optional functions for antibacterial.

Antibacterial material: silver ion antibacterial coating is the most common material for the antibacterial nozzle and seat ring on the intelligent toilet, which can slowly and permanently release silver ions to disinfection and sterilization bacteria and is harmless to human body.

Self cleaning of spray bar: the spray bar is self cleaning before and after use. The cleaning duration of each type is different, but it basically has two functions. One is to clean the stains, the other is to discharge the cold water in the pipe. When cleaning, it is hot water and will not be stimulated;

Ultraviolet sterilization: Ultraviolet sterilization is a sharp tool within the antibacterial function, and also has good sterilization effect.

Foam Shield: The antibacterial function of foam shield is mainly achieved by reducing the spread of bacteria in the air. The dense foam can form a layer of bubble water film on the water surface to prevent bacteria from spreading into the air.

Here is also a reminder: before buying, you must measure the pit distance of your toilet and select the toilet pit distance specification! Otherwise, if you choose the wrong pit distance, you will find that the toilet is far from the wall after installation, or you cannot install the toilet! I just didn’t have enough before I bought it. I thought that the two bathrooms at home were the same pit distance, so I bought it directly. As a result, the dealer called to verify the pit distance before shipping, and I found that I didn’t buy the right pit distance.

Post time: Apr-18-2023