Constant Temperature Shower VS Constant Temperature Water Heater?

It is often said that the shower can take a bath. A small shower can take a lot of credit. If you want to wash comfortably and use hot and cold water conveniently, a good shower is essential. Too cheap shower will face rust and maintenance problems instead. As for the thermostatic function, I was asked more than once that it would be over if I bought a thermostatic water heater with water servo, and it would also ensure the constant temperature of all faucets in the house. Isn’t it more fragrant than just buying a thermostatic shower? However, if you want to achieve a stable thermostatic effect, you still need to buy a thermostatic shower!

The biggest function of the water servo is to adjust the gas proportional valve and the water inflow so that the gas can reach the optimal combustion state. The effect is that the water temperature of the water heater itself is constant, and it cannot receive the feedback of the water temperature of the sprinkler to automatically adjust the temperature so that the sprinkler can discharge water at a constant temperature. Both the shower and faucet need to mix hot and cold water at the product valve core before they finally reach the temperature value we set. Once the water pressure/volume of connected cold water changes, even if the temperature of hot water is no more constant, the water temperature of the shower or faucet cannot change. Therefore, if you want to have a stable constant temperature water outlet effect, you still need to see the last water mixing valve! Some children in MOMO’s family are more sensitive to temperature, so they choose a constant temperature shower.

When taking a bath in summer, the water temperature is a little high or low. In winter, the problem is bigger. Not only that, but for the cold and hot faucets my family uses now, there are two disadvantages:

First, the regulation of water temperature is not precise enough. When you feel the water temperature is a little low, adjust the handle of the faucet slightly, it may become a little hot again, and it is difficult to adjust it to a comfortable temperature. Sometimes, after struggling for a while, it is either too cold or too hot, so I have to make do with taking a bath.

Second, the water temperature regulation is relatively slow. It takes a long time to change the water temperature after adjustment.

The above problems can be solved if a constant temperature shower is installed. When the water pressure of hot and cold water changes, the thermostatic valve core can respond quickly, stabilize the water temperature within 0.2 seconds at the earliest, and ensure the minimum water temperature fluctuation of 0.4 ° C.

The use requirements of thermostatic sprinklers are different from those of ordinary sprinklers:

1. The water supply pipe of the thermostatic sprinkler cannot be installed reversely

The conventional shower can be used no matter whether it is hot on the left or cold on the right, or both.

Most thermostatic sprinklers only support left to right cooling. If left to right cooling is required for some special reasons, the thermostatic sprinklers cannot work normally.

2. Not all thermostatic sprinklers can be used

The thermostatic shower is the most suitable for the water storage electric water heater (it is recommended to adjust the temperature above 60L and 55-65 ° C). The electric water heater is very stable most of the time. The water temperature can be set as much as the water temperature comes out. The thermostatic shower is really not needed.

Post time: Apr-13-2023