Have You Installed A Heated Towel Rack In Your Home?

I believe that many friends in the south have experienced the trouble of going back to the southern sky and the plum rainy season. The home is wet enough to raise fish. The towel and bath towel are musty! If you want to use dry towels in this wet season, you must install an electric towel rack, which is very practical for drying towels and clothes! For example, when I have children in my home, I usually turn on the warm clothes when I wash the children. After washing, the children can immediately wear warm clothes, which is very convenient.

Electric or water heating?

Actually, it doesn’t have to be too complicated. The water heated towel rack is the most traditional heating method of the intelligent towel rack. Its principle is similar to that of floor heating. By injecting liquid into the pipe, the preheating time will be long; The electric towel rack is generally heated by carbon fiber with short preheating time. The most obvious difference between the two is the preheating time, which is the difference brought by the heat conduction medium. It is recommended to use carbon fiber for heating towels and clothes when there is a need for fast preheating.


Is it easy for carbon fiber to harden towels when heated? Not really! The towel stiffening is related to the use time, heating temperature and time. At the same time and temperature, the water heated towel rack and carbon fiber towel rack have the same heating effect. In addition, the current towel rack basically has multi gear temperature adjustment, or low temperature single gear constant temperature heating. If you are worried about this, you can choose the low gear when drying again; In addition to temperature adjustment, you can also choose the style with timing function, so you don’t have to worry about wasting power by forgetting to turn it off.

Why are few electric towel racks made of stainless steel?

This should be a question from many friends. Obviously, stainless steel is more suitable for the bathroom, which is the place with the longest wet time in the home. But most of the smart towel racks on the market are made of low carbon steel or space aluminum. Is this to reduce costs? It is really to reduce the cost, but it is to reduce the cost of using the towel rack – that is, to reduce the electricity bill. The thermal conductivity of stainless steel is much worse than that of low carbon steel/space aluminum and other alloy materials. The same heating, temperature and time are the result when it is used on the electric towel rack. The power consumption of the stainless steel electric towel rack will increase several times. As long as the surface technology and welding technology are in place, low carbon steel and space aluminum are not inferior to stainless steel in rust prevention.

Where is the installation position of towel rack?

Many people will choose to install the towel rack above the toilet, and feel that the space is reasonably used, but we do not recommend installing the towel rack above the toilet, and does not recommend hanging clothes or towels in the space above the toilet!!! There are too many opportunities to contact bacteria above the toilet. Every time you use the toilet, there is a risk of urine splashing and bacteria adhering. Every flush without the toilet cover will “push” bacteria into the air above. When you encounter wet towels, it becomes a hotbed for bacteria propagation. Imagine that the towels used to wipe your face after each wash look clean, but in fact they are full of bacteria. Can you still use them?

The installation position can be installed on the side wall of the bathroom cabinet or the shower area where the water will not directly shower, which is cleaner and more sanitary than that installed above the toilet.


Post time: Apr-25-2023