Why Is The Glass Basin Still Popular?

Compared with the traditional ceramic washbasin, this kind of washbasin for our bathroom not only has a crystal clear appearance and bright colors, but also the glass material is transparent, crystal clear and dense. It is not easy to breed bacteria and has the advantages of convenient cleaning, so it is favored by many customers.

Features of glass washbasin:
1. Various materials, can be made into transparent glass, frosted glass, printed glass, etc., with good reflection effect, making the bathroom look more crystal clear.
2. Using tempered glass, the material is safe and impact-resistant.
3. The colors are rich, which can match the overall decoration style of the bathroom.
4. It is not resistant to dirt, water stains and soap stains will be spent on it. After a period of use, the glass surface is prone to rough and fluffy, difficult to clean, and the gloss will be greatly reduced.

With its soft lines and characteristic texture and refraction, the glass is more charming and beautiful than other washbasins, both in color and style. But glass is more delicate and difficult to serve than other materials. The following are suggestions for buying glass wash basins for everyone:
1. Be sure to buy tempered glass basins and glass countertops, because tempered glass has several characteristics: high temperature resistance, impact resistance, no harm to people, and will become round when the tempered glass is damaged. glass particles.
2. The glass of the wash basin is not as thick as possible. In fact, the thicker the glass basin, the slower the heat spread when holding hot water. At this time, a temperature difference between the inside and outside will be formed, and the glass basin will crack under the action of thermal expansion and contraction, as if the ice Like putting the block in boiling water, the greater the temperature difference, the more serious the cracking may be. The wall thicknesses of glass basins currently on the market are generally 19mm, 15mm and 12mm. Experts suggest that if economic conditions permit, it is best to choose a product with a wall thickness of 19mm, because it can withstand a temperature of 80 ° C, and has relatively good impact resistance and damage resistance.
3. When choosing a glass wash basin, pay attention to whether the edges of the basin and the basin frame are rounded, and the products with cut edges are unqualified products. It is also possible to distinguish the quality of the wash basin from whether the glass contains air bubbles. Only the glass of the inferior glass wash basin has air bubbles.
Many people think that the cleaning and care of glass basins is very troublesome. In fact, the surface of glass basins treated by special technology is extremely smooth and not easy to get dirty. On weekdays, the cleaning and maintenance of glass basins is not much different from that of ordinary ceramic basins. Just be careful not to scratch the surface with sharp objects and do not hit with heavy objects. To clean the glass washbasin, boiling water, scouring pads, steel brushes, strong alkaline detergents, sharp sharp tools, stains and oil stains cannot generally be used. It is recommended to use pure cotton rags, neutral detergents, glass cleaning water, etc. for cleaning, so as to maintain long-lasting bright and new.

Post time: Nov-14-2022