Which Kind of Countertop Do You Like?

Cabinets want to be used for a long time, countertops are very important! A solid, durable and beautiful countertop will keep us in the mood while cooking. However, many friends don’t know much about cabinet countertops, and often do not know how to choose. Today, let’s talk about the common cabinet countertop materials and their characteristics.
First of all, let’s talk about the quartz stone countertop that everyone is familiar with.
Quartz stone is a very popular countertop material in foreign countries. Its hardness is second only to diamond, and it will not leave any traces when scratched with a knife.

Features of quartz stone countertops:
1. High hardness, quartz crystal content of 90-93%, resin 7% , the Mohs hardness is 6.
2. It is non-toxic and non-radiative, does not contain heavy metals, and can be directly contacted by food.
3. It is resistant to pollution and acid and alkali. It is manufactured under vacuum conditions, and it is dense and non-porous.
4. Fireproof and high temperature resistance, can withstand high temperature of 300 ℃, and the melting point is as high as 1300 ℃.
5. Anti-aging, 30 polishing processes, no maintenance and maintenance.
Second, we’re talking about acrylic countertops.
The hardness of acrylic countertop is slightly worse than that of quartz stone, but it has better toughness and can be bent, and pure acrylic has better toughness.
Acrylic countertop features:
1. Seamless splicing, seamless bonding of any length, and various shapes.
2. The colors are rich, and the whole can be formed.
3. There are no pores on the surface, and there is no place for polluting bacteria.
4, easy to repair, old or damaged, re-grinding can be as bright as new.
Then, it is also the man-made stone countertop that everyone is more familiar with.
Artificial stone is synthesized from natural resin, which is widely used in civil processing.
Features of artificial stone countertops:
1. Anti-penetration, water absorption rate is less than 0.5%, much lower than natural marble.
2. Good toughness, seamless splicing, easy to shape and engrave.
3. Environmental protection, aluminum hydroxide powder is used as filler, and does not emit any odor.
4. Easy to take care of, no need to wax, if there are scratches, just wipe with sandpaper or water.
Finally, I would like to introduce the slate countertops.
Features of slate countertops:
1. High hardness, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, UA grade acid and alkali resistance.
2. The porosity on the surface of the slate is close to zero, and the pollution resistance level reaches level 5.
3. Non-toxic, no radiation, zero health pollution.
These four types of cabinet countertops have their own characteristics, and different people’s preferences and tastes have different requirements for cabinet countertops. Even if it is the same material, the products produced by different manufacturers are not the same. Therefore, whether it is to buy cabinet countertops, or cabinets, wardrobes and other furniture, brands, craftsmanship, after-sales, etc., these can be used as reference information for purchasing products.


Post time: Dec-12-2022