Which Kind Of Cabinet Door Is Best?


Cabinet doors are classified by material: double-veneer panel, molded panel, varnished panel, crystal steel door, acrylic panel, solid wood panel.
Double veneer, that is, melamine board, the substrate is usually particle board, and the surface is melamine veneer.
Advantages: smooth surface, not easy to deform; rich in color, fine texture, high pattern simulation; wear-resistant acid and alkali erosion, easy to clean; economical and practical, cost-effective.
Disadvantages: The edge sealing process is monotonous, and it is easy to collapse if not handled properly.
Applicable styles: Modern, Nordic, IKEA, Japanese.
2. The base material of the lacquer board is made of medium density board, which is milled, polished, painted on the surface and baked at high temperature. Baking paint is also divided into different processes, generally after a lot of paint, divided into piano paint, car paint, UV paint and so on.

300 拉丝金
Advantages: bright color, obvious mirror effect, seductive appearance, tall and tall; strong anti-fouling ability, easy to clean; surface paint can effectively waterproof, moisture-proof, no need for edge sealing; no oil seepage, no fading.
Disadvantages: Afraid of bumps and scratches, it is difficult to repair after damage; color difference is prone to occur in kitchens with a lot of oil smoke.
Applicable styles: Modern, Nordic, IKEA, Japanese.
3. Molded board, also become blister board. Generally, MDF is used as the base material, and then a layer of PVC film is covered on the surface.
Advantages: rich shapes, various colors, suitable for a variety of styles; scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, not easy to fade, not easy to deform.
Cons: Strong plastic feel.
Applicable styles: Nordic, IKEA, American, European, pastoral.
4. Acrylic sheet
Acrylic is also called PMMA or plexiglass. Most people in Hong Kong call it Acrylic, which is an important thermoplastic that was developed earlier. Due to the different contents of acrylic and resin, many merchants have different names. Some are called crystal door panels, and some are called resin acrylic door panels. In fact, they are all acrylic cabinet door panels.
Advantages: easy to dye, easy to process, beautiful appearance; strong anti-fouling ability, easy to clean; not easy to deform, long service life; exquisite edge sealing technology, can effectively prevent moisture; good anti-electric performance, excellent light transmission.
Disadvantage: Acrylic cabinet door panels have a large coefficient of thermal and cold expansion, and expansion and contraction gaps should be considered due to temperature changes.
Applicable: Pursuit of practicality
5. Pure solid wood panels
are mainly divided into pure solid wood door panels; composite solid wood, with pure solid wood frame spliced ​​with MDF core; solid wood veneer, with MDF as the base material and solid wood veneer on the surface.
Advantages: Environmental protection, good texture, natural texture; high temperature resistance, scratch resistance.
Disadvantages: The price is high, the color is determined by the tree species, and there are few options; it is troublesome to maintain, and the acid and alkali resistance is poor; it is prone to problems such as deformation, cracking, and rough surface.
Applicable styles: American, Neoclassical, European, Chinese.
Cabinets are also the main materials that are frequently used in kitchens. There are three main points for purchasing: smooth use of cabinets; durable and wear-resistant countertops and cabinet doors; stable, environmentally friendly and waterproof.

Post time: Dec-09-2022