What Methods Are There For Bathroom Products To Prevent Freezing?

Whenever the cold comes, we are not the only ones who are afraid of the cold and the cold. The same is true for the kitchen and bathroom household items we are wading in, but they are shivering in places we can’t see. How to prevent bathroom products from freezing and cracking to ensure that they can be used normally?
Toilet antifreeze maintenance guide
When the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, the water in the toilet tank and the seat are easy to freeze, which will damage the water tank and cause the seat to crack.
So if you need to travel far away, or if you have not moved in after the decoration, you can close the water inlet valve and empty the water in the water tank; besides draining water, pour antifreeze into the water tank, or mix alcohol and salt in the water, which can reduce the water loss. freezing point, to achieve the effect of effective antifreeze.
If the toilet at home has been frozen, remember not to start it hard, let alone roast it with fire or pour it with boiling water, which will easily cause safety hazards. The angle valve should be closed first to allow it to thaw slowly. Tips: The hair dryer is a powerful tool for thawing at home!

Antifreeze maintenance guide for shower
If it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to close the main water valve, turn on the switch of the shower, and drain all the water in it. Otherwise, the residual water inside the shower will freeze, and after the volume expands, it will damage the water-passing parts and cause the product to leak.
After the shower is frozen, first cover the shower and water pipe with a towel or wet towel, turn on the switch, and then slowly pour warm water on the water pipe section by section starting from the shower head, so that the ice cubes in the pipe will slowly melt. The flow of water can be restored. Of course, you can also use a hair dryer to blow on the frozen part of the shower, and blow the entire pipe evenly, so that it can also be safely thawed.
Faucet antifreeze maintenance guide
For areas where the winter temperature is below 5°C, in order to prevent the water pipe from freezing at night, you can unscrew the faucet slightly, so that the water droplets can stay from the inside of the faucet, and the dripping water forms a line to keep the water droplets in the water pipe continuous. flow. Drips can be caught in suitable containers to save water.
1. If you find that the bathroom products in your home are frozen and cracked, you must deal with them in time to avoid the phenomenon that they cannot be used normally due to freezing cracks and water leakage, and even damage other household products at home;
2. Especially ceramic solution products, if cracking is found, please do not continue to use it. You must protect your own safety and find a professional master to repair it in time;
3. Product damage and loss due to temperature or environmental factors, such problems It is not a product quality problem and is not covered by our free warranty.
Sanitation products that have not been installed or have not been used for a long time during holidays:
1. Turn off the water supply valve and drain all the water stored in toilets, showers, faucets and other products;
2. Smart toilet products also need Turn off the power switch, turn off the water supply valve at the same time, and drain all the water in the machine, water inlet pipe, and filter;
3. Close all doors and windows, stop ventilation, and avoid freezing of sanitary products, especially ceramic sanitary ware products crack due to low temperature.

Post time: Jan-26-2023