Shower Panel VS Hand-held Shower Head

In fact, for office workers, the best way to get tired on a busy day is to take a hot bath when you get home. So when it comes to bathing, then we have to talk about bathing tools, because now the living conditions have become better, people’s lifestyle has also changed, so the bathing tools have become diversified. I usually use the most at home is the shower head, but in fact, in addition to the shower, there is a more classy product, is the shower panel. Compared with the traditional shower, the shower panel has a high-end atmosphere. It’s just that not everyone likes it. And some people in the decoration of the bathroom, for the shower panel and shower head which is better, always feel unable to make an accurate judgment. So today we’ll see how to choose between the two!

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The biggest feature of the shower panel is that its appearance is really good-looking, and gives people a feeling of being tall. And in the use of the process is quite convenient, and can be very good to avoid splashing. And some high-end shower panels also have many functions, such as integrated instant heating, intelligent constant temperature, massage, which can well meet the needs of different people. And the problem of bulkiness and large occupation of land is solved during installation.But this kind of shower panel is also a little bit expensive. For example, in terms of price, such a high-end thing must be more expensive than ordinary shower tools. The structure of the shower panel is more complex than the structure of the shower, so if there is damage or failure in the process of use, it is more troublesome to repair.

In fact, most families use hand-held shower head, mainly because the price of hand-held shower head is relatively cheap, and relatively speaking, the installation is also very simple. Of course, there are many kinds of hand-held shower head, so they are also suitable for bathroom of different sizes. This kind of shower is also very convenient to use, and the water pressure required is relatively small, so it saves water. However, it also has its own shortcomings, that is, it may have less functions, and when the pressure is high, it will easily lead to water splashing, making the room too wet.

So in fact, if you don’t know how to choose between the two, you can choose according to the size of the bathroom and your own needs. Although the function of the shower panel is indeed more than that of the hand-held shower, it does not mean that we need all its functions. Especially if there are only the elderly and children at home and they don’t know much about its operation, then these functions are actually idle, and it’s useless to buy them at home.

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Post time: May-10-2021