Material of Shower System – Part 1

With the change of people’s bathing style and living environment, shower is also considered as a more hygienic bathing way. We are talking about showers today, not just the sprinkler, but the complete shower system, which consists of three parts.When buying, you can choose flower spray according to the demand, for example, as long as you hold it and don’t spray top, as long as you spray top; The hose is matched with the hand-held shower. If you do not choose the hand-held shower, you do not need to buy the hose. The tap is not necessary. If you want to wash mop, wash clothes or install a bathtub, it will be convenient to buy a tap.


Today, the first thing to talk about is the top shower material.


The main material of shower top spray on the market is ABS. Whether imported sanitary ware brand or domestic high-profile brand, 90% of the top spray of shower is made of ABS. ABS is an important engineering plastic, and it is not because the word “plastic” has a stereotype bias on ABS. In fact, ABS is a kind of thermoplastic alloy with good comprehensive properties, high strength, hardness, wear-resistant and corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, stable size, good molding and processing property. It can be used for sawing, drilling, falling, grinding and other mechanical processing, as well as finishing, electroplating and other surface treatment, which is widely used in the fields of automobile industry, electronic appliances and building materials. ABS appearance is usually opaque Ivory particles, non-toxic, tasteless, low water absorption, easy to do coating and coating treatment, can be processed into various colors, and has 90% high gloss, light quality, low price, it is very suitable for shower top spray material.


ABS material is cheap and easy to process, and will not heat during use, which will cause scald. The disadvantage is that it is easy to deform if it is subjected to high heat. But as for shower, 39 ℃ and 40 ℃ are comfortable temperature of human body shower. This temperature is far from deformation of top spray and shower, and the strength and heat resistance of engineering plastics are enough. In addition, ABS has poor light resistance, but because the environment used for shower is bathroom room, it is less affected by sunlight and has little influence on the quality of flower sprinkling.

In addition to ABS, top spray is made of copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials.

Copper top spray is more textured than ABS in appearance. There are usually two processing methods: one is hollow copper, the top spray surface is copper, and other materials are arranged inside; The other is solid copper, that is, all copper. The most direct difference between solid and hollow is the thickness of top spray, which is relatively easy to process, but the outer layer is thin, and the surface electrodeposited layer has the risk of falling off in the wet environment for years. Solid copper is thick and durable, the top spray weight increases, the requirements for pipe fittings are higher, and the processing difficulty and technology are also improved accordingly.

The spray is made of copper and the best copper. Because copper is less rusty than steel and other metals, the external surface of spray nozzle should be electroplated for many times. Such showers will last.   All copper spray advantages: fine workmanship, thick electrodeposited, strong and durable.   The top spray of all copper flower in the market is relatively small, and most of the copper sprinklers sold are copper or zinc plated on the surface of alloy, or some part is copper material.


Copper can be divided into 52, 55, 59 and 62 copper. Hans’ elegant, the world’s top sanitary brand, uses 62 copper as its raw material, but the price of a shower varies from thousands to tens of thousands, which is not suitable for the consumption of ordinary people. 59 copper is now the material that everyone pursues in the home decoration, most brands of top spray is 59 copper. Copper top spray is more high-grade, but there is heat conduction problem.

Post time: Jun-08-2021