How To Install A Shower Curtain?

The three components of the shower curtain are indispensable, followed by: shower curtain rod, shower curtain, water retaining strip. The editor always thought that when the workers were laying the floor tiles, the shower area had already been laid low, so there was no need for a water barrier. Xiaobian’s workers are really careful in the treatment of the floor tiles in the shower area of ​​the bathroom, especially the floor drain in the shower area. However, the editor later found that the water speed of the floor drain is far less than the water output speed of the shower, and the water will still flow outside. Therefore, the editor will talk about how these three components work well together and the appropriate height of the shower curtain rod:

shower curtain decoration
1. It is recommended that you install the shower curtain rod and shower curtain first, and then The position of the water blocking strip is determined according to the installation height of the shower curtain rod and the position of the hem of the shower curtain, because the water blocking strip must be installed on the outer side of the hem of the shower curtain, otherwise the water on the shower curtain will tick to the outside;
2. In the past, some classmates said that the water retaining strip should be installed at the same time as laying the floor tiles. In fact, it is not bad to do so, but the result of this is that the water retaining bar is embedded in the floor tiles. If the water retaining bar breaks later, it can be replaced. 3.
If conditions permit, it is best to have walls on three sides of the shower area, spaciousness is one of them, and more importantly: it is OK to use a “expansion rod” for the shower curtain rod to support the walls at both ends. .
4. The maximum load-bearing capacity of the “expansion rod” is generally 20 kg, and there is no problem with putting on a bath towel, and the “expansion rod” can be moved and replaced anytime and anywhere, which is very convenient;
5. If the shower area has only two sides If there is a wall, the shower curtain rod can only be fixed on the wall with the arc steel pipe. This fixed arc steel pipe has a disadvantage that due to uneven force, it is easy to loosen over time.
6. Many students may not know what “expansion rod” is. “Expansion rod” is an iron tube that can be stretched. After the two sides are plugged, they are fixed as soon as they are twisted. The editor described it very generally. If you plan to use a shower curtain, it is best to go to the building materials market in advance to “step on the spot”;
7. The width of the water retaining strip of natural stone generally has three sizes: 3 cm, 5 cm and 6 cm, the small series is 5 cm for home use; the height is average There are two sizes, 1 cm and 1.8 cm, 1.8 cm for Xiaobian home;
8. Some people like to install the water retaining bar upright. I think it is unnecessary. The height of 1.8 cm is enough. If the water level reaches 1.8 cm and the floor drain has not drained the water, it is not the problem of the water retaining bar, but the problem of the floor drain. ;
9. If you lay the floor tiles first and then install the water retaining strips, the glass glue that fixes the water retaining strips will take 24 hours to siliconize. Responsible workers will advise you not to let the glass glue attract water within 48 hours. 10. The height of the shower
curtain rod determines the height of the shower curtain. When buying a shower curtain, you should first determine the width and height of the shower curtain according to the size of the shower area. The height of shower curtains on the market is mostly 180 cm, which is enough, there is no need to buy 2 meters high;
11. The installation height of the shower curtain rod, that is, the height of the hem of the shower curtain from the ground, should be 1-2 cm. The hem is best not to mop the floor, it is easy to get dirty, and sometimes it is easy to tear the shower curtain when you step on it accidentally.

Post time: Oct-31-2022