How To Choose Guide Rails?

The rail is the hardware connection part fixed on the cabinet body of the furniture, for the drawer or the cabinet board of the furniture to move in and out. At present, there are both steel ball slides, roller slides, and silicon wheel slides on the market.
Whether large or small drawers can be pushed and pulled freely and smoothly, and how well they can bear weight, all depends on the support of the slide rails. The materials, principles, structures, and processes of drawer slides vary widely. High-quality slides have low resistance, long service life, and smooth drawers. From the current technology point of view, the bottom slide rail is better than the side slide rail, and the overall connection with the drawer is better than the three-point connection. High-quality slide rails have low resistance, long life, and smooth drawers.
Regarding the classification of slide rails, the most mainstream ones are divided into roller type, steel ball type and gear type, which have been gradually replaced by steel ball slide rails in the application of cabinets.
The structure of the roller slide is relatively simple. It consists of one pulley and two rails. It can meet the daily needs of pushing and pulling, but the bearing capacity is poor, and it does not have the functions of buffering and rebounding. It is commonly used in computer keyboard drawers and light drawers. The steel ball slide rail is basically a two-section or three-section metal slide rail. It is more common to install it on the side of the drawer, which is relatively simple to install and saves space. High-quality steel ball slide rails can ensure smooth push-pull and large bearing capacity. This type of slide rail can have the function of buffer closing or pressing rebound opening.
Geared slides include hidden slides, horse-drawn slides and other slide rails, which are medium and high-grade slides. The gear structure is used to make the slides very smooth and synchronous. This type of slide also has a buffer to close or press The rebound opening function is mostly used on medium and high-end furniture, and the price is more expensive.
There are several points to pay attention to when choosing drawer slides, one is the specific gravity, then the surface treatment, then the structure and material, and finally the applicability.
1. Structure and material: Look at the thickness of the cross-section of the metal material of the drawer slide and its structure. Usually, the quality of the drawer slide that uses a lot of plastic parts is not as good as that of the all-metal slide.
2. Specific gravity: usually refers to the weight of the same length or volume unit, here refers to the weight of the drawer slides of the same type (such as two-section rails).
3. Applicability: You can feel the weight, strength, etc. of the drawer slide by stretching it.
4. Surface treatment: This can be seen with the naked eye. You don’t need to listen to too much sales talk, you can understand
how to install the furniture drawer rails after reading them
. Among them, the movable cabinet is the inner rail; the fixed rail is the outer rail.
2. Before the track is installed, we also need to remove the inner track from the slide on the movable cabinet, and then install it on both sides of the drawer. Everyone should be careful not to damage the slide way when disassembling. Although the disassembly method is simple, it is necessary to pay attention to it.
3. Install the outer cabinet and the middle rail in the split glide path on both sides of the drawer box, and install the inner rail on the side panel of the drawer. There will be reserved screw holes inside the drawer, just find the corresponding upper screws.
4. After all the screws are fixed, the drawer can be pushed into the box. When installing, pay attention to the circlips in the inner rail, and then slowly push the drawer into the bottom of the box in parallel to keep the two sides balanced. If the drawer is pulled out and the drawer slides out directly, it means that the circlip part is not stuck.

Maintenance of the guide rail: If you find that there is a sound of pulling, you can add some lubricating oil, and don’t put too heavy things. Once the drawer is found to be loose, the screws should be tightened in time. Although the slide rail has an appropriate torque in the lateral direction, try not to pull the drawer laterally to avoid the bending of the rail and the wear of the internal pulley.

Post time: Oct-14-2022