How To Choose Bathroom Hardware?

The bathroom hardware can bring us a lot of convenience. But there are also a series of precautions when purchasing. Let’s talk about it.

First choice, what should we pay attention to before purchase?

1. Look at the process: because the bathroom is the place to bathe the body, and the hardware pendant used is in direct contact with the human body, its surface must be flat and smooth, otherwise it will cause potential safety hazards during use. That requires the use of large-scale precision computer-controlled die-casting machine tools and digital precision machine tools, grinding and throwing when the processing technology is exquisite.

2. Look at the location: if your bathroom is very small, you should not install the towel bar next to the shower, so it is easy to touch when taking a bath. In order to make it convenient and keep the shower space large enough, we can install the storage basket in this space, so that we can reach out when taking a bath, As for the towel bar, you can put it slightly away from the shower area. Another advantage is that you won’t get your family’s towels wet when you take a bath, which can ensure hygiene.

3. See practicality: consider according to your living habits. You need to install several pendants. If you use many kinds of shampoo and shower gel at the same time, it is estimated that one basket is not enough. If you only install one, it will be very troublesome. Determine the size of the pendant according to the size of the toilet. Usually, the size of the pendant is about the same, such as the towel bar, which is about 60cm.

4. Look at style: integrate with your own decoration style. For example, the decoration of modern simple style should choose the simple Pendant with silver surface, while the European or pastoral style should choose the antique bronze or bronze Pendant of classical style. If the style is properly matched, the pendant can be fully integrated into the bathroom space and create a comfortable and elegant bathroom environment.


What material is good for bathroom hardware pendant?

1. The main advantage of aluminum alloy is its high hardness, which can be said to compete with steel. Moreover, the small parts made of aluminum alloy are much lighter than ordinary metals, and have good thermal conductivity, which makes many consumers love to buy. However, the choice of aluminum alloy should be matched according to different places in the family. You can’t decorate it casually with aluminum alloy.

2. Copper chrome plating is beautiful and feels good. The exquisite workmanship makes such bathroom hardware have good rust resistance, and it is strong and durable. Because its appearance is protected by pure copper, the metal part inside it is not easy to be oxidized, which can ensure that it will always be new and of good quality. However, this kind of hardware accessories is expensive, and friends can choose appropriately.

3. What is copper? Copper is a kind of hardware fittings made of pure copper or copper alloy. The chemical activity of copper is very low, so the accessories made of copper have strong stability and oxidation resistance. Not only now, the accessories made of copper are environmentally friendly, energy-saving and have strong corrosion resistance. They are not only a kind of accessories favored by many consumers, but also a favorite material of many manufacturers.

4. Stainless steel has fashionable design and exquisite and bright appearance. The soft and bright gloss makes people look beautiful. Stainless steel bathroom accessories also leads the trend of hardware accessories, and has won the love of the market and consumers with its unique fashion design and fine technology.

Post time: Apr-06-2022