Ceiling recessed large size square LED shower head

Short Description:

Product Detail

 Model number  CP-600FJT/CP-600FLT  
 Finish  Polished/brushed  
 LED light  Included  
 Installation  Ceiling recessed   
 Material  304 stainless steel, silicon  
 Connection   G1/2   
 Packing   PE bag, foam and carton  
 Time of delivery   10 days  
 Accessories information
 Shower arm included  YES  
 Mixer included  NO  
 Dimension  Net weight (kgs) Gross Weight (kgs)
 500x500x102mm 12.00  14.00 
 500x500x102mm 15.00  18.00 
600x600x102mm 18.00  20.00 
 Custom-made serive  is available for this rain shower head
 Learn more about size and shape available. Contact with us right now.


Shower face distributes with large area of silicon nozzles, provide really wider water flow coverage.

LED distribute large face area, create an atmosphere of sheer indulgence and make the flowing water sparkle.

Silicon nozzles are easy to clean and maintain. This shower heads feature rubber-like nozzles that resist build-up and calcification. Keep it performing like new.

Has variety big size, available by 400x400mm, 500x500mm and 600x600mm.

Built from 304 stainless steel for successfully long-term performance.

Installation: ceiling recessed mounted.

Built-in mini power generator LED, harmless low voltage, provide illuminated lighting. LED light color changes according to its water temperature. LED color comments is as following.

BLUE- Cool under 88F (≤31℃),

GREEN- Warm 89-108F (32-42℃),

RED – Hot 110-122F (43-50℃),

FLASHING RED – Warning Hot over 124F (51℃)

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